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Washington State social workers and families with a completed home study are eligible to apply for access to the WARE website.

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If you don’t have a WARE account, please apply below. For social workers, we are typically able to approve your application in one to two business days. If you're a Washington State family, we'll approve your application as soon as we're able to confirm your foster license or home study status with your social worker. Once we have approved your information, you'll receive an email from us with a link to register and create your WARE password.

Social Workers in Washington

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With a WARE account, social workers in Washington state are able to view featured youth and featured family profiles, learn about upcoming recruitment events and opportunities, and register youth on their caseload for WARE.

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Families in Washington

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If you have a current home study or foster license, you are eligible to apply for an account to access the WARE website. Once we have verified your information and you've registered for an account, you'll be able to log in to the site, view featured youth, and connect with the social workers for children featured on WARE.

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Apply to have your profile featured on WARE

In addition to having a WARE account that allows families to connect with social workers from our Featured Youth page, families can also choose to have their profile listed on the WARE Families Index Page. To have your family featured on WARE, download and complete the registration form below and send it to your social worker. Once they approve your profile and send it over to, your family will be featured and social workers can learn more about you.

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Don't have a home study? Families without a home study are not eligible for WARE but can visit the Northwest Adoption Exchange to view featured youth.