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Attention: DSHS licensed families living in Pierce, Kitsap or Thurston County

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Our WARE website offers you an online introduction to Washington's foster children waiting for adoptive homes. WARE is a wonderful resource that connects children and families together.

Our password-protected site features a photo and profile gallery of waiting children in Washington. Adoption caseworkers utilize the WARE website to match children with in-state families.

There are hundreds of Washington foster children in need of adoptive homes. Many of these children could benefit from staying in their home state. As a Washington family, we invite you to consider adopting a Washington waiting child.

How can I view waiting children?

Families must have a login account and a current, active and approved Washington adoption homestudy in order to view WARE's waiting child pages. Please visit our login page for more information.

Why is WARE a password protected site?

Many children on WARE might not yet be legally free, or might have other reasons for limited publicity. In order to protect the privacy of featured children, access to WARE is monitored carefully, and limited to approved users.

How can I inquire about children I see on WARE?

You can find out more information on each child and connect with their social worker but clicking on the inquiry button on that child's profile.

What if a child's profile "disappears" from the website?

We are constantly checking with caseworkers to ensure that all the children on the site are still waiting. Profiles are generally taken off of the site because we have learned about a placement for that child. Sometimes caseworkers may also request the removal of a child's profile if that child's adoption plan has been officially changed.

How can my family be featured on WARE?

Talk to your worker. Only families with an approved Washington adoption homestudy can be featured. Let your worker know you want to be registered. It will help child social workers to learn about your family, and to consider you as a match for children on their caseload.

What is a family profile?

A family profile includes a short bio of your family, a photo, your first name(s) only and your worker's contact information. You work with your worker to create a narrative and submit a photo.

How does my information stay private?

WARE respects your privacy! Your family profile is viewed only by certified adoption professionals who work with Washington agencies. Your full name and contact information are kept confidential. A child's worker contacts your family worker, not you directly.

New to the adoption process? Visit the Northwest Adoption Exchange to learn how to get started, and to view additional waiting children in Alaska, Idaho, Oregon and Washington.

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