Register Kids with these Helpful Tips

WARE gives Washington foster children a greater chance of finding adoptive families in their home state. The following tips and information will help guide you through the registration process. To register a child with WARE you will first need to set up an online account. To sign up for an account with WARE please visit our Login Page and click on "Workers Register with WARE"."

Which children should I register?

Children who are:

  1. Legally free for adoption with no identified permanent family.
  2. Or, not yet legally free, but one of the following:
    • Termination of parental rights initiated with court date set;
    • Written parental permission search for a placement;
    • Court order to search for an adoptive family.

What will a child’s profile page look like?

A child’s page will feature:

  • The child’s first name only
  • A photo and a profile written by WARE staff
  • Your caseworker contact information
  • The child’s month/year of birth (i.e. 9/98)

Can a child be registered on both WARE and NWAE?

Yes! As long as the child is legally free or there’s a court order to search.

Give us your best shot.

We appreciate good photos.

Email us at least one (ideally 3) clear ‘head & shoulders’ photos. Professional photos help us to show each child at their best.

Speak up.

We will listen to you.

Tell us in detail about the child – from habits to hobbies – so we can write a compelling profile that families want to read.

Stay in touch.

We update profiles at least every 6 months.

Contact us right away if the child’s situation or status changes so we can edit or alter their profile.

Found an adoptive family?

Congratulations – let us know!

Please notify us when the child is placed with an adoptive family so we can help you celebrate and remove the child’s WARE listing.

Still unsure if you should register a child?

Let’s talk.

Call us so we can discuss your case; or meet us at your regional Consortium.

We look forward to working with you!
Contact us anytime: at 1.800.927.9411 or by email at

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