Register Families with these Helpful Tips

WARE gives Washington foster children and in-state families a greater chance of connecting. The following tips will help guide you through the family registration process.

Which families should I register?

Only families with a current approved Washington homestudy can be registered on WARE.

What will a family’s profile page look like?

A family profile will feature a brief narrative, your caseworker information and a family photo.

Who writes the family profile?

The family does, with your input.

What type of photo should a family submit?

We appreciate and encourage quality, professional photos. Email us at least one or two clear photos of the family.

How do we protect a family's privacy?

WARE is password- protected! Family profile pages are only available for viewing by approved adoption workers in Washington - not by other families.

Do family profiles change?

We like to update family profiles every 6 months. Contact us right away if the family’s situation, preferences or status changes so we can edit or remove their profile.

Has the family found a match?

Congratulations – let us know! Please notify us when a family is matched so we can help you celebrate and remove the family’s listing.

We look forward to working with you!
Contact us anytime: 1.800.927.9411 or by email at

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